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Rustic Concrete Wood

You spend a lot of time in your living room. Each room in your home has its own function, but none compare to your living room. A well designed living room can be comfortable, inviting, and even fashionable. While many homeowners know how to decorate their living rooms with furniture and fixtures to make it more pleasing, they don’t think as much about the floor. Floors are a key part of your living room, but they’re often neglected by many homeowners. ... Read more

Driveway Sealing

If you have a concrete driveway, it probably needs sealed. It sounds like a bold statement, but statistically, we’re right. Homeowners get their concrete driveways sealed when the slab is originally poured. This “cure and seal” is actually only effective for a few years. Once that wears off, your concrete is open to all types of abuse. Unfortunately, too many homeowners think this initial sealer lasts forever. Worse, some don’t think about their driveway at all. In either event, leaving your ... Read more

Epoxy Flooring

New Beautiful Epoxy Flooring Popping Up In Southern Maryland Have you walked into a lobby and looked at the floor and wondered what it was? Most of the time, it is epoxy. Epoxy the most favored flooring types by Southern Maryland, flooring contractors. From residential homes, to industrial plants, to show rooms, epoxy flooring is used in all sorts of environments. However, many businesses and or homeowners in the Southern Maryland area are unaware of how cost effective and durable epoxy flooring ... Read more