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Concrete Applications for Institutions and Municipalities

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Decorative Concrete for Institutions La Plata Maryland 2

Using a decorative concrete coating on any institutional floor surface is not only an excellent choice, but can also be designed to fit any budget. Epoxy Works decorated flooring is not just for homes, restaurants, hotels, and the like; churches, schools, hospitals, even correctional facilities can greatly benefit from a creatively decorated floor. If you don’t require much decoration, but still desire the advantages a concrete coating can provide, there are many options from which to choose.



Decorative Concrete for Institutions Lexington Park Maryland 1Often already existing as the sub-base, concrete is extremely durable. With the right application of a sealer, it requires little maintenance, and is very easy to keep clean. It can also provide slip-resistance with additives or creative texturing, which can be a prudent idea to protect from costly accidents.



Decorative Concrete for Institutions Saint Charles Maryland 3

Getting a custom look to the floor is another factor. There are a multitude of decorative possibilities available, ranging from solid and multiple colors, to blends, flakes, patterns, graphic inlays, and a host of other options. Be as creative as you want to be! After all, there’s no law that says an institution has to LOOK institutional, is there?

Feel free to peruse our website at your leisure; check out our photos, get some ideas… then call Epoxy Works for your free estimate today.


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